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When I was visiting Bunratty Castle near Limerick, Ireland, my friend and I were standing in the upper level of the hallway when I became aware a dog was scratching at the door -- and whining to get in. I said, "Listen to that dog!" but my friend said she couldn't hear it. I said, "It's in here," and opened the door to a small room which obviously had been a huntsman's living quarters, but no dogs in sight.

A few months later in New Zealand another Irish person heard the story and said, "You must be an O'Neill" -- and my friend asked how she knew. She replied, your friend must be related to the "O'Neill of a Thousand Hounds."

. . . Me thinks the "dog" wants in now -- perhaps
you should let him him in....
. .





And now for This Weeks Story!






A Fairly "Big" House

Submitted by: Kayla Louisos ---- Took Place: Oak Hill, West Virginia


woodsI'm 16 years old and from the time I was born up until I was 7 years old I lived in a fairly big house in a small town. It starts out here: My parents had just got married and found a small two bedroom, 1 bath house with a large unfinished basement.

I'm going to explain the walk-through of the house so when you read this you can visualize what happens and where. When you walk in the front door you come into the living room and at the other end is a doorway that leads to the kitchen. When you come into the kitchen to your left there is a small hallway and you'll see the bathroom door in front of you and two bedrooms off to the sides of the bathroom. If you go straight from the kitchen doorway you'll come to a sunroom and on the left is the doorway to the basement. Now, I may add that before the basement door there are stairs leading to what will be the second story. You walk up the first few steps to a landing, and then turn right to go up the rest. You then take another right and walk down the hall. The first bedroom is on the left, that is my bedroom, and the master is also to the left at the end of the hallway. The second bedroom is on the right at the end of the hallway, and that one is my sisters. When you walk into the master at the end of the big room there is a master bathroom and in there is a really big walk in closet. Are you with me so far?

My mom was pregnant with my older sister a year after we moved in. All was normal up until they started to build a second story. During the nights they would hear what sounded like someone climbing a ladder, hammering nails into a wall and/or ceiling, and hear someone walking. When my dad would go check it out he would find no one there and nothing moved.

This went on for awhile. One night my mom was in the bathroom taking a bath and my dad was in the bedroom to the left with my sister so he could get her to sleep. All the sudden he felt as if someone was laying on top of him, he couldn't breathe, my mom heard him struggling to breathe she walked in there and his face was turning blue. Then whatever was on top of him got off and he told her what happened. A couple days later my dad was at work and my sister was with my Aunt.

My mom was home alone when she was sitting in her and my dads bedroom (the right side bedroom) watching a movie when all the sudden she heard plates and silverware being messed with. She called my other Aunt and was telling her what she was hearing. She finally got the nerve to go and see what it was, when she got into the kitchen all the plates, silverware, etc. was laying on the floor. She freaked out and left until my dad got home.

(They finally finished the second story of the house 3 years after starting because they had complications with people quiting, etc. so it took a while nothing else had happened for about a year.))

Well, my mom had found out she was pregnant with me. She was sitting downstairs waiting for my dad to get home to tell him the news. It was snowing outside and while she was waiting she heard someone knocking on the front door. She got up, opened the door and nobody was there also there wasn't any footprints in the snow. The knocks continued and my mom decided to leave until my dad got home cause she was getting freaked out.

They decided to have their priest come bless the house because things started to happen again and they didn't want to deal with it anymore. Well the experiences stopped til I was about 5 years old. My sister, two of my cousins (Haylee and Ty were the same age as my sister, 8) and I were playing hide and seek. My sister and I hid in my moms walk-in closest and Ty was hiding in my sisters closet, Haylee was the seeker. She found my sister and I, we helped her find Ty. Well we were searching my room when all the sudden we heard Ty screaming we went to my sisters room where the screaming was happening and we seen him run out of my sisters closet and run downstairs to my mom. He was crying and telling her he seen red eyes and they scared him. My mom tried telling him it might have been a toy or something to calm him down. Well a couple weeks later I was in my room sleeping.

I woke up to my door being slammed I freaked out thinking my sister was messing with me I couldn't open my door. I heard something walking in my room and I freaked out and did what kids normally do, hid under my blankets. When I pulled them down I saw a man who looked to be in a uniform. He was at the end of my bed and he started walking to beside my bed. I started crying cause I felt really scared. I then seen a light at the end of my room and I saw another man. He was older and was saying something I don't remember what but all the sudden the scary man with the uniform went away and the nice one smiled and disappeared. My parents then came rushing into my room and I told them what happened.

The next day my mom wanted to show me pictures she came to a picture of the same old man I saw last night and I said to her, "That was the man who made the scary one go away." She started telling me it was my great grandpa, Dilley, who passed away 3 days after my sister was born. She also told me he was a preacher and he was there protecting me not to be scared of him, which I wasn't, I felt safe. Well they got the priest to bless the house again it all stopped for a while.

My mom ended up pregnant with my little brother when I was seven years old. We lived there for a while after he was born but due to financial issues we had to move. My mom tells me that living there was the scariest thing ever for her. She said she could never sleep, she always looked out her bedroom doorway wondering when something would show itself or do something.

I remember what happened to me like it was yesterday. I am still to the day scared of the dark. It took me til I was 13 to sleep by myself. After moving down to the country I had dreams of the house and I still do. A part of me is drawing me back, I just wanna go back there so badly but I can't because it has new occupants. A few people lived there and had experiences but after a while we stopped hearing things. I wanna go back to that house one day and ask if they ever experience things.

I'm being drawn to go back. I wanna be in there just one more time. But eventually when I got older my mom explained to me the man who lived there before us built the house and died in a hospital of a heart attack. So she thinks it may have been him not wanting anyone living there.

But that is my experience and I hope y'all enjoy. :)


This is a good story. Of all the ghost stories I have heard, only a small percentage of them involve "seeing" a ghost. Most are things that people heard or objects being moved, etc. In your recount, you actually saw someting. Consider yourself one of the very fortunate few. And, if you have the chance, go back and see what you see with older eyes. Then write back and let us know how it went. Take care, Kayla, and thank you for sending in your story!

Think of this. I have gone back to the same place in the mountains time after time and in the rooms where the ghost has been seen not once but several times, and I have never seen anything. Some day maybe . . . . . . . . . and then I'll probably be aftraid to go back!!!!






New in Town

NO MOnK - e - iNG ArouND!



Submitted by: Andrew Dexter ---- Took Place: Bargoed, South Wales, UK. ---- Caerphilly county Borough.

-----My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone Villa in the former mining town of Bargoed in the South Wales valleys. They were my maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Higgs, and their only daughter Caroline who is of course my mother. My mother left school in 1965 and started work at the local bakery in Baldwin street in Bargoed where she met my father William Douglas Dexter. They dated for three years before they married in April 1969. They didn't get a place of their own, they stayed at my grandparents at Gladstone Villa.

My mother told me that strange things started to happen soon after I was born in the August 1969.

She told me it all started off quietly in the attic.

Now, take a deep breath ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One day my mother said they heard a noise of what sounded like someone jumping from the attic onto the landing floor. When they went to look to find out what was happening they found the hatch to the attic open, they didn't suspect it was a ghost at that early stage - they obviously thought it was someone breaking in. It eventually occupied itself in the main bedroom which was my grandparents room. My family heard noises that simply defied rational explanation - noises in the bedroom like footsteps walking about mainly in the evening - noises like furniture moving around and the occasional loud bang.

The local police were called, and when they arrived they looked around the attic and said it may be my father playing tricks and it wasn't a job for them but for the vicars. A family friend Mrs. France would come to visit every evening and she didn't believe my grandmother when she told her the place was haunted, she said it was the vibration from the traffic outside causing it, but she was soon to change her mind when she actually experienced it for herself.

Mrs. France knew of a medium and she suggested calling the local medium John Matthews. When he arrived he asked the family a few questions and then he began to challenge the spirit to perform by knocking on the ceiling, sure enough the spirit knocked back at him! John then went into a trance to try to make contact but he failed to get a name but he later confirmed that there was indeed a presence there and it was an earthbound spirit saying it's unfinished business and it came back to finish what it didn't in life.

The incidents still continued. One time my mother told me that she found the pillow in my cot that had been torn right in half! My father worked night shift at the bakery and one day my mother went upstairs to get him up and ready for work only to find that his slippers were thrown out on to the landing and the ironing board was placed over his body. My mother said he slept through this. When he woke up he was quite bewildered.

My parents separated in 1972 and he left Gladstone villa (They divorced in April 1975) but it wasn't because of what was going on at there. A local priest by the name of Graham Jones was also called at Gladstone villa, he said a few prayers and blessed the place. Before he left he said to my family, ''Watch the baby.'' That baby was me of course.

After the priest had left it was quiet for a few short months, but it did return!

On one occasion my family and I went out for the day, when they came back they found that the furniture had all been turned over. Years later I asked my mother about this as I thought that this may have been a possible break in, but my mother was so insistent that there was no forced entry and nothing had been stolen!

As I got older I started to experience the phenomena for myself. I too heard the regular footsteps in the main bedroom when we would all be downstairs watching TV, and one of us would turn the TV down to hear it more clearly. I can still remember my grandfather Bill trying to point out just exactly where it was by saying, ''He's by here'', and, ''He's by there now.'' There was the occasional sighting, though this was very rare indeed. It was during the day time that my mother and I were in the living room, my mother went over to the sofa to get something and she looked to her left towards the hallway and I saw the look of confusion on her face, as if she saw someone that shouldn't be there or did not recognize, I did not see this myself as I was standing behind the opened door that was blocking the doorway. My mother later told she saw the face of an elderly man looking into the living room from the hallway that led to the stairs to the bedrooms.

monkAnother sighting took place during the evening time. My mother, grandfather and I were watching TV. My grandmother was reading a book on the sofa when my mother just happened to look towards my grandmother and she saw the apparition of a monk standing behind the sofa near the doorway. We didn't see as we were still watching the TV but my mother later described it in such detail of what she saw, complete with brown habit and hood covering the head so she couldn't see his face, she said he was only there for a few moments and when she looked again the monk was gone.

One night my grandfather Bill couldn't get into the bathroom. When he told us this we went to into the kitchen that led to the bathroom and I heard behind the door what I can only describe as a single Gregorian chant! Another night I was alone in the bedroom with the light on. I was lying on the bed facing the window over looking Cardiff road. It was very quiet when all of a sudden I felt a jump on the bed, it was just the once but it felt like an animal. I was too afraid to look straight away, but when I did I saw nothing there! I went down stairs to tell my family and we all went back up, we saw claw marks on the bed!!

There was also some minor poltergeist activity. I can still remember electrical cables being pulled. One day my grandfather Bill came into the living room with a broken bottle, he said he had just entered the room and the bottle was thrown towards him, just missing him. One day another family friend by the name of Fred Davies(now deceased), my grandfathers work mate from the local pit, was sitting on the chair by the fireplace and I was playing by the side board, again it was quiet, when all of a sudden there was a very loud bang! it was so loud that Fred ducked his head as he thought it was going to come through the ceiling. I was so frightened that I ran from the side board to my mother where she had to console me. When it was quiet we all went upstairs. My grandfather Bill was always the first to go up and I was the last. When we got to the bedroom we couldn't find anything that could be accounted for it. We were so scared that my grandmother Rita, my mother Caroline and I would sleep down stairs on the three sofa's with the lights on!

My grandfather Bill was the only one who would sleep in there alone.

One day he told us he had an experience, he told us that he couldn't move, he couldn't even shout to call us to help him. We had the ghost for so long that my grandmother Rita gave him a pet name, she called him "Johnny". My grandfather Bill would sometimes try to mock it by shouting, ''Johnny Oh'' but he didn't manage to provoke a reaction. My mother and grandfather Bill both claimed they heard a baby crying in the bedroom, though I took little notice of this at the time as I never heard it.

We eventually moved from Gladstone Villa in June 1978 when a local Italian Welsh business men by the name of John and Aldo Ricci bought the property. The night before we moved, all our belongings were packed in the hallway, my mother, grandmother and I were getting ready to sleep, my grandfather was upstairs, we then heard our bags being thrown around and the living room door knob was moving as if someone was trying to come in. We thought it was my grandfather playing a joke on us but when I called out to him there was no answer (he never admitted it if it was him).

Before we left I remember my grandfather Bill coming from down stairs with the remains of a dog in a box. My mother later said he burned the remains in the back garden. Gladstone Villa was eventually converted into a hotel and was renamed ''Redz Parc Hotel'' and at present is owned by the McBurney family. I have done some research into Gladstone Villa and I discovered that the whole area of Cardiff Road where Redz Parc Hotel (previous Gladstone Villa) has indeed quite an interesting history. Directly opposite Redz Parc Hotel is a building called the 'R.A.F.A Club', one of the oldest buildings in Bargoed, dating back to the 17th century and apparently there are tunnels that lead from Cardiff Road right up to a nearby village called Gelligaer where there is a Roman fort. The staff at the R.A.F.A club also told me that there is also a Priesthood on the property. I also discovered that there used to be a monastery in the area what is known as 'Baldwin Street', where my parents met.

This explains the monk my mother saw!

I had my 40th at Redz in August 2009 for old times sake and the staff told me of their own experiences there, and there have been sightings in Room 5. Johnny the Ghost is still there!!

I also found out about the previous people that lived at Gladstone villa (aka Redz Parc Hotel) I found that Gladstone Villa was named after the former liberal prime minister William Gladstone and that a family called the Kimmietts lived there in 1924. Michael and Evelyn Kimmeitt had a four month old baby son called Elvin Rowlands Kimmiett, it was stated in the archives of the local newspaper that he died at 1 Gladstone villa, Cardiff road, Bargoed. This now makes sense to me as what my mother and grandfather heard in the bedroom about the baby crying. Rowlands was Evlyns maiden name.

All I have said here is the actual truth. I have used real names and they can be verified as I have nothing to fear of hide as I have nothing to gain by lying. Those who have mocked me and claimed I am crazy have no such qualification to make such a judgment. I challenge any skeptic to stay a night or two at Redz Parc Hotel, Cardiff road, Bargoed, South Wales, UK, ask for room 5. I can assure them that they will most certainly question their belief system - of that I have no shadow of doubt. Go check it out!


Well, now there is a tale and a challenge. Thank you so much Andrew for sending it in. As you all know I love Ghostories and I try to keep them coming into this site when I can. As the years have rolled by I have gotten older and my time comes and goes for me to keep them edited and posted. What I can say now is soon it will be 20 years since I wrote the magazine article for Corona, CA and then during it's drafting I had the urge to put up this site. I have no idea where the urge came from, it just beckoned me and I followed. And look what has happened. Thank you all for stopping by. There will be many more stories to come. And that's no Monk-eee-ing around!
------- Keno - Fall, 2014


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Kanaka Pete and Severed Feet
From Donald Ray - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

I would like to share an experience I had in August 2013. I accompanied my son and a group of Scout age boys and couple of their parents on an overnight camp on Newcastle Island off the Coast of British Columbia. We had read how Newcastle Island is a hot spot for paranormal activity so we thought this would be a fun experience. One of the boys brought along an EMF ghost meter. One of the youth had seen a found footage movie that he believed to be true, about a group of college students filming a documentary about the paranormal happenings on Newcastle Island back in 2007. Apparently they were searching for the ghost of the notorious axe murderer, Kanaka Pete who was hung then buried in an unmarked grave on the far side of Newcastle Island near Kanaka Bay. The college students went missing that night, their video tape was later found and shortly afterwards severed feet in running shoes were discovered along the shoreline. This is all true as I had seen many news reports, including CNN, on this a few years ago.

Nothing is better than a late night ghost story when camping. This was the perfect setting. A Paranormal Island, the unmarked grave of an axe murderer, the place of origin of severed feet in running shoes found along the shore over the past few years and a found footage video from the Island, it just does not get any better. We brought along a portable video player and we had downloaded a copy of that found video tape from ITunes called “Severed Footage”.

At 11 pm we gathered around the campfire and watched the video. There was some pretty scary paranormal stuff happening in the video and we recognized many of the spots we had seen during the day. There is a big sign saying “No Camping Beyond this Point”. We were told that is as far as the spirits can travel from their tombs and it is not safe camping past those signs. Of course we all thought that was a big joke, but we did set up camp on the safe side of the signs anyway. The students in the video camped on the wrong side of the signs; bad things happened to them, much of it was seen with their night vision camera.

After we watched the video some of the braver boys thought it would be a cool experience to go down to Kanaka Bay and search for the unmarked grave of Kanaka Pete with the ghost meter, just like the students in the video. The adults were less thrilled than the boys. We reluctantly gave in as the boys were all excited and trying to act brave, daring each other to go all the way to Kanaka Bay. When we left on the hike it was a nice warm evening but as soon as we went past the sign that said “No Camping Beyond this Point” a very cold chill hit us that we could feel right down the back our necks. Now all us brave souls became quiet and a little concerned. As we followed the path towards Kanaka Bay a wind came up and was making the most eerie noise through the trees. Then all of a sudden about 100 meters ahead of us appeared two glowing eyes staring right at us, we thought it to be a raccoon or deer’s eyes refection from our flashlights. We turned off the flashlights and the eyes were still there glowing as bright as ever. This was very unnerving, some suggested we turn back but others trying to act brave wanted to continue because the ghost meter had not gone off.

As we got closer the eyes disappeared. When we got to the place where we thought we saw the eyes it was the place of the large tree with the supposed symbol of Kanaka Pete on it as seen in the video we had just watched. We were about half way to Kanaka Bay. As we were looking at the carved symbol on the tree the EMF ghost meter one of the boys was holding started to beep and flash, slowly at first. We all gathered around it watching in amazement. Then it started beeping faster and faster until it hit max reading. I do not know who screamed first but there was a ton of screaming as everyone ran back the way we came. After about 100 meters the ghost meter stopped and so did we. The wind was still quite strong, the air was icy cold and 10 boys and a few adults just had the (blank) scared out of them.

Someone suggested that we try passing that point again real fast so we could get to Kanaka Bay. He was voted down by everyone so we headed back to camp. As soon as we passed the “No Camping” sign the wind stopped and the air was warm again. We all thought we could hear a low but audible eerie sound coming from where we had just been.

Afterward, we all sat around the campfire talking about what we had just experienced, no one wanted to go to bed or maybe we were too scared to go to bed so we sat around the campfire till daylight. Some said it was the most thrilling experience they had ever had while some said it was the most frightening. It is definitely one we will never forget. Camping ghost stories are supposed to be scary and fun…we never dreamed we would become part of one.

Thanks Donald Ray! Perfect Campfire Ghost Story for Halloween 2013 (love how that rhymes). Gotta love those meters, although I have never held one. It would be a hoot to have it by the front door on Halloween night just to see if, well, you never know, if one of those goons or goblins were the Real McCoy! (Can I get mine in Gold?)




from Courtney

This happened to me in 2010 when I was in 5th grade. I am one of the triplets. My name is Courtney. My sisters are Emily and Alexa. We three look same, the only difference is our habits. I am the second eldest while Emily is small. I usually don’t believe these ghost and scary stuff. My sister’s believe and get scared. They used to disturb me whole night after seeing a scary movie like Scream 4.

One day my best friend passed away by food poisoning. I was sad the whole day. It was night 9:00pm my sister’s were at a deep sleep and I didn’t want to disturb them so I went to the living room and sat and thinking about my best friend Amanda.

My friend Rebecca Angeline came rushing and knocking and screaming loudly. When I opened the door she ran inside and hid under the dining table in the dinning room. I shut the door and went to ask what happened. She said in a nervous way that she saw a man coming to her and said to wait and she got scared and thought my house was near and came running. Then I told her to stay at my home tonight. She said I brought clothes to stay at my home because the man came to her home and behind her for past 1 week and her bro’s were not at home. I said it is fine to stay at my home and she is always welcome.

I and Rebecca slept in my room. I had a dream that me and my best friends were on a picnic. Amanda told me that I and Rebecca are in danger and to be careful. Rebecca asked what kind of danger? Amanda said that a man will come to deliver something which we didn’t order will contain poison, be careful. Be careful and there is more danger might be coming. Before we could ask she disappeared. I woke up and woke Rebecca and said the whole story. She said that she also got the very same dream. Which means really something is going to happen. In the afternoon we heard some one knocking at the door we saw through the window, it was a delivery boy clutching 2 boxes of pizza in his hands. We remembered the dream we opened the door and said him we don’t want he refused us that it was for free. We asked him why didn't he eat it. He got angry and threw it on us and ran away. We immediately went and took a shower. Then my best friend Amanda appeared and said “Now you are safe be careful next time. The man who followed Rebecca was the man who delivered us pizzas. You just escaped for today what will you do for tomorrow? Goodbye, I will miss you guys”

Rebecca started to sob loudly. My sisters came rushing down and asked what happened? We said that Rebecca fell down. We didn't say it to anyone but I wanted to share my feeling to some one so I posted it. I dint say it even to my sisters. 2 YEARS AFTER…

Now in 2012...I and Rebecca are in same class now in 7th. We have the same girl called Amanda with same habit and our best friend too. I could not believe it. I and Rebecca made sure that we would never say even a word about our old Amanda but we feel sad. My sisters did not know what happened to old Amanda and forgot about the old Amanda. I hope we keep the new Amanda good and safe. If it was not the new generation of Amanda I would say “May her soul rest in peace..."

Rest in peace, Amanda. And thanks for keeping your friends safe, and alive. Thanks for the story Shurti. You are a good soul.




from Jerry in Virginia

This story actually involves my dad. He related it to me after I asked him one time whether or not he had ever seen a ghost. He said yes. And he told me this story. In the town where my family is originally from there is a place called "Black Dog Hollow." I had heard it called this several times during the time that we lived there and had never really known why it was called "Black Dog Hollow." So, my dad explained it to me. Legend had it that several people travelling along that road had reported seeing the ghost of a black dog wondering along the side of the road.

They say the dog would appear out of nowhere, run along beside the car for a moment, then disappear just as quickly. My dad says that he saw it one night. He had a hot rod of a Pontiac back when he was younger, and would take it up through Black Dog Hollow to get to a straight stretch so that he could open the engine up and get some speed. He headed up that way late one night, and just before he got to the straight stretch, in the last set of curves, he saw a black dog standing on the side of the road. At first he didn't think anything about it, but as he rounded the curve and the headlights shown over in that direction, he noticed that it didn't have a head! It then just simply vanished right before his eyes! It scared him so badly that he wouldn't even turn around and drive back by that way. Instead he just kept going and found another way out of Black Dog Hollow. He swears that to his day he has never returned down that road.

Love those stories. ---So, there it was. Dead of night. No one around, just your car and the headlights. Thanks for sending it in. I keep it here on the front page and then send it to the Deadlights library. Meanwhile, have a good night. Pity, if you see him again, the dog that is, you can't even offer him something tasty to eat, or can you? Maybe a headless dog tells no tails.

Now for this weeks Sneek Peeks - You are in for a surprise

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