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Welcome to the Original Ghost Story Site on the Net!
We have several really unique Ghostly Libraries (pages), complete with music and great personal accounts sent in by our readers from all over the world -- all who stand firm to their belief that they have been visited by an apparition (these folks are convinced, you can tell!). We invite you to make this your place to read tales and stories from people all over the globe! And here is the kicker:

We invite you to send in your personal encounter

Here's a little background: This site started out after our WebMaster, Ken (Keno), published a set of real ghost house stories in a local magazine. Since Ken loves spooky tales, he decided to place it on the Net along with an invitation to others to send in their stories, just to see what might happen -- and he was one of the first to do that back in 1996! And now after nearly three superb years, two domain names (ghostories.com and ghostories.net), and over 350 stories sent in from all over, you can see the results!

Ken loves a good spirited first-hand true tale o' the ghost, and he hopes you do too! So "set" a spell and enjoy . . . what you are about to see will make for a really great Saturday evening, or even a starry night telling tales around a campfire! Whatever the magic, enjoy, please bookmark us and come back as often as you like!

One last but not least very important thought -- many of the "Ghostly Library" stories have different background music. If you are set up to listen as well as read, keep the lights as low as possible -- it will definitely give you

The Best Chill on the Net!


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